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Christmas Breakups Past years 2003 -- 2004
Dr Sandrine Makiela (B.App.Sci. (Biol), B.Sci. (Biol) (Hons), PhD)
Sandrine has taken the Aerobics Classes for the last 8 years. Not a Human Movement Science student, but she is well motivated in what she has done for herself and with her ability as an instructor she has made Aerobics interesting, enjoyable and rewarding. You may consider Aerobics interesting, but not for you. From my own experience I have found that the aerobic exercise has improved my Asthma, my mobility, my awareness and general improvements in my back, gut and joints



Help look after our Koalas

Sandrine said that she majored in microbiology and is has now successfully gained her PhD in plant disease, especially trying to find the causal agent(s) of a new disease in Buffel Grass. Buffel grass can be variable in habit, but all types are very drought-tolerant and can withstand heavy grazing once established. Buffel Grass is a tropical grass of Africa and India and was introduced into northern Australia for cattle feed. For those interested here is more info on Buffel Grass

Sandrine said that she did aerobics during her undergrad years (ie. during her degree), but did not do it during the
following year (honours) because of time constraints. She came back the following year at the start of her PhD and joined the beginners /seniors classes as these were the only times that were convenient for her. Sandrine already knew Scott Lovegrove, the then instructor, from her previous years at the gym and soon got to know the regulars in the class.

One week Scott said, " I'm away next week and there are no available instructors, how about you take the class, you've been doing aerobics long enough." So Sandrine was conned into it by both Scott and the seniors. On the day of her first class the seniors spokesperson Shirley brought up a dilemma. An instructor from the gym was supposed to give Tai Bo, aerobics, Swiss ball and resistance training demonstrations for seniors at Shopping Fair North Rockhampton as part of their launch of the new seniors card week. Unfortunately the gym had forgotten and Scott was away. Guess who got conned into doing that! So Sandrines second aerobics class was in the middle of a shopping centre. Talk about nerves! She said. Scott thanked her profusely for doing this and suggested that she take one of his classes every week, as he did not have the time. She agreed.


A couple of months later an aerobics course through TAFE came up in Mackay. Sandrine decided to do it so that she would have a better idea of what she was supposed to do. It was a course over three weekends. Although Sandrine has only done the aerobics module (not the entire Fitness Leader Course, (which would take at least one year) she is still an Instructor at the gym. It is not my profession she said, I do it for the experience and to help out at the gym. Chances are I'll be there well after my PhD. After that, who knows?
Thank you Sandrine, we wish you well with your research and your future.

So ladies & gentlemen…start your engines the class is growing every week and runs on a Tuesday & Thursday at 8:45am for approx 45 minutes at the Central Queensland University Community Sports Centre.